Take part in anĀ ancient form of healing.

Reflexology is an ancient healing technique that focuses on reflex points on the feet that correspond to different areas of the body. This technique can have a very positive effect on conditions such as anxiety, asthma, headaches, kidney functions, and cardiovascular problems. A reflexology appointment at our Chattanooga spa can provide almost instant relief from aches and pains. Other reflexology benefits include reduced fatigue, better sleep habits, and reduced insomnia, as well as decreased premenstrual pain.

Using different techniques and micromovements, our massage therapists will access various reflex points on the foot that correspond to different body systems and organs. By applying appropriate pressure to a certain area on the foot, the nervous system is stimulated and tension is released. Our therapists’ application of pressure to reflex points sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system, which in turn signals the body to adjust the tension level. This enhances overall relaxation, helps internal organs function better, improves circulation, and the release of toxins.

Depending upon your situation and health issues, our therapists will target specific reflex points to address your individual needs. You will also enjoy a warm and relaxing paraffin foot treatment as a luxurious prelude before your reflexology therapy begins.

Reflexology (30 mins)40
Reflexology (60 mins)70
Paraffin Treatment Add-On10